Exhibit: Women Who Dared
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Anne Jackson
Civil Rights Activist

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What Else She Said

My son, Ira, and his wife, Martha, are strongly affiliated with Facing History and Ourselves [a Holocaust education program]. But it is not really through the backdoor that I favored becoming identified with this organization, but it was rather with the first meeting I went to. The stimulation, the level of competency and the level of excitement that I got intellectually from the people that are on--just coming to a meeting--I'd have never met in any organization even the equal of the American Jewish Congress, which is a fantastic organization. And I continued to--I had said that I was willing to be trained as a speaker or go into schools and try to get kids to the program. Little did I realize the expertise and the knowledge and the sensitivity and what you have to bring to go into a school classroom and tell them in part about this program. And carry on the work of the program. I know I never could teach. I'm too old. They would identify me with the refugees. That's not the purpose of it certainly. But I do know that whenever there's a teaching session or whenever there's a speaker, or whenever there's something that has to do with Facing History, I'm there.

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