Exhibit: Women Who Dared
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Judy Somberg
Human Rights Activist, El Salvador

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What Else She Said

In 1984, my kids were four and one. I was working, but I guess I felt like I'd been less active, doing the little kids thing. And the National Lawyers Guild was organizing a delegation to El Salvador at the height of the war years, to go to a human rights conference. And I decided to go...We were in a hotel and the Salvadorans who were participating in this were risking their lives to be there. And at that point, hundreds of people were being 'disappeared' every month by the army. And there were presentations given about that... The scariest thing was that they asked the lawyers to switch hotel rooms with the conveners of the conference, because they were afraid that the military was going to come into the hotel in the middle of the night and so they wanted these US lawyers to be found instead. That was the kind of thing that happened in El Salvador. They just came in and took you away.

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