Exhibit: Women Who Dared
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Laurie Schwab Zabin
Repoductive Health Activist and Researcher

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What Else She Said

The Community Action Agency movement was set up in each city in the United States under President Johnson [in the 1960s]. At the time we had the idea in Planned Parenthood that we ought to establish a Community Family Planning Center in another part of town, in a very poor part of town in East Baltimore. And I wrote the grant proposal to get this Federal funding. These were, I should say, the first Federal funds that ever went into family planning. Until then the Federal government had never recognized this as a responsibility and just a few of these Community Action Agencies around the country were family planning. When that funding came through, the then director, Anne Huppman -- who was a wonderful mentor for me -- insisted that I go on staff and run it. So that was my first actually paid job within the family planning movement and we joined forces with Target City/CORE, The Congress of Racial Equality and opened a clinic in a very poor part of East Baltimore and it was a huge exciting success.

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