Exhibit: Women Who Dared
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Janet Yassen
Anti-violence Advocate

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What Else She Said

When I moved up here the first thing I did to try to get oriented and to try to feel some sort of connection was to go to the Cambridge Women's Center... At the time, I guess the Women's Center was probably just one or two years old. It was 1972... At the Women's Center, I joined a Consciousness Raising group, and then I wanted to get more involved in some organization. So the Rape Crisis Center -- the women were just beginning to meet. I think the first meetings started in September and I joined in December 1972, and then the actual hotline opened in March of '73. I wanted to be in an organization that was really starting from the ground up, and not already pre-existing. So I joined and I haven't left... I think it was partly coming across what was just happening, but also moving to a new city... And so moving away from home, creating my own life, really, made me think a lot about my place in the world and coming to face... the real lack of safety for women in the world, that women can't really move freely in their environment. [The Rape Crisis Center] was a way to take some more pro-active action to try to not only face that on a personal level but really do something about it.

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