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Rivka Solomon

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What Else She Said

I have always had two passions in life. I've always been involved with women's stuff. Always, always, always, ever since I was a little girl, I was a leader of girls. From little things -- encouraging my girlfriends to tell their teachers to use "firefighters" instead of "firemen" to telling my girlfriends to stand up for their rights if their parents were oppressing them or if boys in the junior high school hall were snapping their bras, or whatever. So I've always been very involved in girls' activism and women's activism...

And then also early on I was very excited by cultural diversity and cultural difference -- I was drawn to things that were different. So women's issues was one area that I was interested in, and the other was what ended up being international culture and international relations. So I had these two worlds. I got my Masters in the international politics world, but unfortunately then I got Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and I was doing great in my field but I had to really pull back. I got stuck in bed for a number of years and I'm still very sick... And so I became a writer, which is still being an activist, because writers are social critics.

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