Exhibit: Women Who Dared
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Galina Nizhnikov Veremkroit
Activist for Soviet Jewry

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What Else She Said

[After being refused permission to emigrate] we got involved in an absolutely different life... I knew that the time was running out for us because it was [my son's] last year in high school and then he would be drafted to the army, and to be drafted to the army means that they wouldn't let us leave the country for another five years. We were very active. We allowed our home to be used for some seminars -- the lawyers would come and give lectures to people in refusal, how to behave if they would be arrested and how to answer the questions. Also we were sending a lot of letters to officials with request to let us go. We were refused three or four times for different reasons...

And Ida Nudel took me aside one day and asked how would I feel about participating in a series of demonstrations, with a small group of women. Because before there were men involved and a lot of times the men were beaten and put in prison and some became handicapped. And I said 'Oh yes, I will do it.' And she said, 'Do you understand the danger, do you understand that... stones could be thrown at you, you could be really injured?... There was no precedent before [for women's demonstrations] and we knew that the government would need some time to make a decision how to deal with it.

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