Exhibit: Women Who Dared
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Betsy Shure Gross
Environmentalist and Community Preservationist

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What Else She Said

Sustaining activism [is the greatest challenge]. People always respond with great energy to a threat and to an immediate problem-solving situation and you can get them to go out and clean a park and hang up posters and knock on doorbells and get petition drives going. And then when you have created a partnership with the municipality and you've achieved some level of funding and rehabilitation or restoration is occurring in the park, people tend to think that they've achieved what they started to achieve and that they can go back to the other things that challenge and drive them, and so you get capital investment from a human perspective - the capital investment of energy - and then you get capital investment of funds and rehabilitation and restoration, and then if you're not right on it, and you continue to lobby and advocate for that space, then you're right back to the deferred maintenance game, because the next group of people who need help at the municipal level are there with all that energy and concern and commitment, and you've gone on to something else.

So I think the constant infusion of both keeping the original group with you and adding to it so that it doesn't ossify is really a constant issue. And also the education of volunteers and the partnership between true volunteers and the professional cadre in most municipalities, and trying not to blame but to build.

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