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Hanna Weinberg
Domestic Abuse Awareness Educator for the Jewish Community

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What Else She Said

Challenges? I would say that the difficult thing I did mostly in this area [of domestic abuse work] was for instance, if we would go to a convention which Rabbi Weinberg [my husband] had to go to or to speak to; so I would use the opportunity to speak to another Rosh HaYeshiva [head of Seminary] and try to get him to be aware of domestic abuse, so that they could talk to their students about the proper way to be to a wife. And I give you one example: there was a fax that came in from another city and it was very explicit as to what was going on... And it was quite a difficult case in New York and I went to a convention that week with Rabbi Weinberg and met the head of the school and I decided 'Better speak to him,' and so I did. I said, 'Rabbi so-and-so, apparently you heard of this-and-this case?' and he said 'Yes, yes, I heard but I wasn't listening.' So I took the bull by the horns, as the saying goes. 'Yes Rabbi, but I think now you have to listen,' and he opened his eyes wide -- here I'm talking to him like that -- and I said 'If you just let me speak to you for a few minutes', which he did and after I spoke to him, was very kind. He said to me 'Rebbetzin Weinberg, I not only am listening, I'm hearing', and ten days later she had a get -- a Jewish divorce. So that's what I did with many, many of the rabbis because they didn't want to hear, they didn't want to get involved and little by little from speaking to them [things changed]. Then when they had a conference on domestic abuse, they had over 200 rabbis that came. So I feel that was good and they came and they spoke and that was, I think three years ago.

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