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Margaret Lazarus
Social Activist Filmmaker

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I think part of the biggest challenge has been the failure of so many of the movements that I've worked on to really do anything but be co-opted and have the easy and acceptable pieces be accepted into society but the hard, challenging things - which have a lot to do with social justice and equity - be not only ignored, but we've lost a lot of ground. You see tons of women in medical school right now, you see that more than half the doctors are women and you see that equity in terms of care, that poor people are getting worse care than ever, and you see all kinds of poor women do just terribly. We got rid of nuclear power for a while and there was some environmental efforts and now nobody even personally thinks twice about having an SUV. So the biggest challenge has been my dismay at watching essentially the economic engine and partially the media being able to assimilate those things that really don't hurt it and people thinking that there has been a revolution.

There are so many young women that you talk to and so many young people of color who say, well, prejudice has been improved, yeah, some of the more overt things, legally, certainly, but what really happens? What happens to a young person and their expectations? Do you really think you're on a level playing field? No. So that's been one of the greatest challenges - seeing some of my ideas, which we thought were so profoundly revolutionary, seeing some of them being adopted and the big equity core of it not being adopted.

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