Exhibit: Women Who Dared
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Ruth Clarke
Community activist for revitalization of urban spaces

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What Else She Said

The lack of community support initially was a challenge for Ruth as well as for Magnolia Monroe Gordon. "You have to build and develop this."

There was also plenty of "petty politic" to overcome. Ruth preferred to focus on the response to challenges. "You become very, very stubborn. Once you've invested yourself in something it becomes harder and harder to give it up. Persistence is the solution to all and any challenges. You don't get funding or help from the city by saying, 'We'd like this done.' No one else will take it upon themself to get the job done. It will not happen if you don't take it upon yourself. It's all about follow-through. You know, on the phone constantly. Someone has to take the role of making it happen. Things don't just happen by themselves.

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