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Abby Shevitz
AIDS Physician and Advocate

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What Else She Said

HIV itself. The disease is not as life-threatening as it used to be. The challenge has changed from death and dying issues to taking medications, overcoming addictions, habits, nutrition, and the disfiguring changes in body shape experienced by people with the disease.

Abby has shifted "from dire patient-oriented work to the challenge of scientific research to understand what goes on with changing body shape and metabolism." This disease affects women patients particularly negatively. "Men with HIV worry about their health, taking medications, and eating right. But a woman with HIV prioritizes everyone else before herself. Her parents, her children come first, while her own needs are far behind on the priority list."

"I had always hoped to do more and expected more of myself. I always wanted to do more research; break the field open, discover the cure. I've always been a little disappointed in my scientific success, and I've blamed that, in part, on my lack of mentorship and career direction."

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