Exhibit: Women Who Dared
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Rebecca Chernin
Domestic and Teen Dating Violence Activist

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What Else She Said

"The article in the Sharon paper [the Sharon Advocate] was a blessing because so many people were calling and asking about it. But it was hard for my parents because it was so public. They were happy it was published, but embarrassed and ashamed, too, because everyone now knew that this was going on under their roof for five years."

"Every community denies it [domestic violence] ...The Jewish community is particularly challenging. I met with denial and resistance for the longest time."

"There are times when you think, 'this [dating violence and domestic violence] is never going to end.' But when I look at the women I work with individually, and I see the progress they make, that gives me hope. And when I see the women in the shelters who then get their own housing and get their kids back in school, and get their lives back on track, that gives me hope. But there are times you get the repeat callers on the Hotline and you just don't know what else to do for them; that can be very frustrating. I just have to remind myself: look at the people you have affected, you have gotten these Hotline calls, these people have moved into shelters, these people have started their lives all over again."

"I mean, I knew it was a problem in the Jewish community because I had been there. But I had been so frustrated with the rabbis who had said it was no big issue. The rabbis didn't understand it." The women were counseled by their rabbis "to go home and think about it, and not to break up the family peace (Shalom Bayit). I stressed to them it was their husbands who had broken the family peace well before. That was a huge thing to talk about with these three women that were Jewish because they had so much guilt about breaking the marriage contract."

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