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Judy Frieze Wright
Civil Rights Activist

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What Else She Said

One challenge for me was to stay brave... I don't like being in danger. I say that knowing full-well that probably most people don't, but some people kind of get off on it. But I don't. I just hate it. I have a stomach ache when I'm scared, and who needs it. So for me to stay brave in situations where I had to was a big challenge.

I think it's a challenge for a white northerner to go south and just fit in. It wasn't my culture. There was a feeling that here were these people that had lived with it always, and I come down from this really easy life and think I can help... We're just trying to do something good, and they've lived with rejection their whole lives, and what that does to their ability to lead a good life, and to give things to their children, and to be safe, and to have their dreams come true and all those things. It wasn't the same for us. And so to be aware of that all the time and to deal with it as best we could was a challenge.

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