Exhibit: Women Who Dared
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Jean Trounstine
Educator of Women Offenders

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What Else She Said

Going into a prison is being able to deal with the poor and sad and lonely women. I think the courage is only in having the courage to deal with your feelings and to understand what kind of people we have in the world and how we keep them. I think that perhaps might be courage in that sense, but it's not daring. It's much more that I would cry every night that I would go home, on the way home in the car, all the way home as I thought about the women. And to go back in, I had to be willing to know that I was entering a world that was so sad and so locked up and so lonely. But I think my personality is suited for that. I'm an upbeat person. I wanted to do that. So I never felt that I dared anything.

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