Exhibit: Women Who Dared
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Barbara Gaffin
Human rights activist with Ethiopian Jews

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What Else She Said

It was terribly upsetting to know that Jews were dying in Ethiopia, trying to get to Israel. And yet if one Jew died today in the Soviet Union, or even in Iran -- look what we are doing on behalf of the Iranian prisoners -- you never saw rallies on behalf of Ethiopian Jews, people wouldn't know the names of Ethiopian Jews. It's almost like, 'Well, you know, they're Africans and Africans die.' People were just much too accepting of it, and that was frightening to me.

That was frightening that here I'm part of the Jewish community, I'm working for and with and on behalf of the Jewish community, and my own community, which just went through a holocaust, could be so nonchalant about Jews that were dying in Africa. It was so painful to me, and it is still so painful to me... That's just a very painful realization and made it a real challenge in doing this work.

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