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Peggy Charren
Children's Television Advocate

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What Else She Said

The biggest challenge was fighting a multi-billion dollar industry, or a few of them. We had a multitude of corporations on the other side of us - broadcasters, cable executives, and all that... toy manufacturers, food manufacturers...

There was once a picture in Broadcasting Magazine, which was the trade journal for broadcasting, and it said 'War room deals with ACT's issues.' And they had a room, a big room and big table... and around the table were representatives - one each - of all these companies and all these institutions that were there to make money. There wasn't one woman in the picture, and the little description under the picture was, this is who's gathered together to fight everything ACT cares about. That was a challenge, let me tell you, a big challenge. So fighting vested interest is one challenge.

And the second one is fighting elected representatives, officials, who care not at all about serving the public... Trying to get something to happen when the whole political structure of the country is opposed to letting you get anywhere, that was the second challenge.

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