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Lynn Amowitz
Physician for Human Rights

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What Else She Said

[The biggest challenge was] learning everything that I needed to learn about human rights, because it wasn't taught to me. It wasn't something that I learned in medical school, it was something that I innately knew and had experience with based on family history and a desire to know about it, but the rest of it - putting it into a more academic way was harder to learn and that was a challenge.

Trying to figure out the vocabulary, how to do it, how to do advocacy was hard, because they don't teach you how to do interviews, or get out the most that you need to say in three seconds. So that was challenging.

Also, convincing my family and friends that it's ok for me to do this even though I have a family. That was a challenge. I don't think they necessarily agree with what I do, but they've just sort of come to realize that their views are not going to stop me from doing it. But I also think that they've seen that it hasn't caused harm and so they're less vehement about where I go and how I go.

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