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Susan Maze-Rothstein
Diversity Activist and Lawyer

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What Else She Said

I have a Paul Goodnight poster in my office. He's an African American artist and he originally did the piece for the Olympics. It's runners, and at the bottom it says, 'Feet, don't fail me now.' I thought I needed that for my office.... Northeastern, for instance, is a highly progressive law school as law schools go... yet it took a lot of energy to get the law school to truly embrace [the Law, Culture, and Difference Community Lawyering] program.... The marginalization of this program was in symmetry with what exists in society - the program focuses on marginalized populations, thus the work is marginalized and undervalued with in the school.

Also, I think, on the theme of 'feet, don't fail me now,' even in the Brookline Public schools - Brookline prides itself on being an open community. So any inkling that there's something that that is not quite kosher makes everybody highly defensive because they are well-intentioned people and nobody wants to feel ill of themselves. Consequently, things that are not lovely are sort of swept under the rug because of this need.... It's the societal resistance that is so challenging and why I need my feet to continue to give me energy for this long, long distance race.

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