Exhibit: Women Who Dared
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Rebecca Young
Prisoners' Rights Lawyer

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What Else She Said

Probably the most important thing is to figure out what the issue is that really moves you and that you're passionate about. And I think sort of by chance for me that I wound up seeing some movie and then so many years later still feeling just as strongly as I did when I was 13 years old.

But I think that the first piece is sort of looking around at what's going on in the world - either far away or not so far away - and reading and talking with people and exploring and learning about different issues and trying to sort out what's the thing that I really believe in, that really motivates me.

And then I think while you're doing that and once you've figured it out, it's really important to talk to people who do that kind of work and sometimes people feel reluctant to do that. They look at people doing what they might want to do someday - I'm guilty of this myself - and feel intimidated, think oh, they're so busy, they wouldn't want to talk to me. And most of the time, people love to tell people about what they care about. I know I feel that way.

Over the years, various people have talked to me about different kinds of criminal justice work and I just love doing that. Partly because it's fun to talk about what matters to you, and also partly because people who do this kind of work want to see new people with energy and enthusiasm come in and do it, too. So I think that's really important.

And I think another sort of general advice that I should take myself and so should we all is that you can sort of work at it so much for so long so hard that you let the other pieces of your life fall by the wayside. And that's obviously unwise, if for no other reason than it detracts from your ability to do this work. So try and keep some, not just balance¿ but just some fun. I really need stuff that's just a total, complete break.

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