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Abby Shevitz
AIDS Physician and Advocate

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What Else She Said

"The first thing is to get a good mentor early on and discuss your ideas with her. Really plan ahead."

"Never compromise on the level of quality that you expect from yourself and from others. And teach others what they need."

"I absolutely encourage women to get involved in science and mathematics. There are wonderful programs to educate doctors to be more compassionate human beings. But to a large extent it comes from inside... To really take the time to sit and talk and listen is that has made it meaningful for me. I don't know if enjoying that can be taught."

"Having a good mother helped!"

Abby stands behind her advice and her compassion. In the last year, Abby has become very involved with an organization called the Treehouse Foundation. The goal is to get children out of the foster care system in Massachusetts and into adoptive family homes. The elderly in the community are involved as adoptive grandparents with the children as well. "It's the same community [as the Boston City Hospital population]. These kids are from abusive, addicted, impoverished backgrounds. If their lives can be permanently changed early, they could become happy and productive adults... These are kids who need something, and there is something I feel I can do."

"When I see adults so traumatized, I think how can I change their lives. But it is a bit late for so many of them. The way to do it is to start with healthy childhoods. Maybe there is a way to turn some lives around now.

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