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Judy Frieze Wright
Civil Rights Activist

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What Else She Said

If there's an issue that you're interested in, find out what groups are working on it and go talk to them. For example, my involvement in AIDS Action -- when I got interested, I just went there and volunteered and it turned into a job. It often does. With the civil rights movement, when it really excited me and I wanted to be part of it, I just got on a bus and went to talk to them.

Of course, this requires a great deal of freedom, which you wouldn't have if you have a family. You have to grapple with what there is that can fit into your life. There are all levels of involvement; you can always contribute something valuable.

You have to enjoy what you're doing. It doesn't work to do something just because you think it's important. You need to search for a way to get involved that excites you and makes you feel good about what you're doing. For every person, there's something different that suits them. You have to think hard about who you are and what gives you satisfaction. When I went South, I knew there were so many ways to get involved in civil rights. But at the time I knew what I wanted to do, what I needed -- the passion, the adventure, the daily face-to-face challenges. Today, I would look for something different, because I'm at a different point in my life.

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