Exhibit: Women Who Dared
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Judy Somberg
Human Rights Activist, El Salvador

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What Else She Said

There has to be a certain joy or inner reward to keep up the work. Sometimes an outright victory is achieved. Sometimes it is getting to know people that you wouldn't otherwise get to know. Sometimes the motivation is just outrage at the way things are. And sometimes it is hard to go to another meeting, or make the phone calls you agreed to make, or write the pamphlet/ press release/ project description you agreed to write. But usually others are doing their part, too, and you are depending on one another to move the project/campaign forward. And the next time you meet you exchange information on all the endorsements that have been gathered, funds that have been donated, signatures collected, literature distributed, speakers that have agreed to come etc. etc. and you feel excited that you are part of a group that is working together and very slowly but steadily moving towards it's goal.

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