Exhibit: Women Who Dared
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Judy Somberg
Human Rights Activist, El Salvador

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What Else She Said

My criteria for pursuing a political interest (and I have many) is that there must be a high ratio of useful work done to amount of time spent in meetings. And the meetings must be, for the most part, consisting of respectful exchanges, where people put forth good ideas, and concrete plans get made for how to proceed.

I like working on issues that affect the community that I live in and involve working with people from my community. But sometimes my interests get me involved in state-wide issues and I also love working on international issues, and hooking up the international issues with the issues and people here at home. I enjoy having people stay in our home who are in town on a speaking tour, or here to raise money, even though I sometimes feel shy and don't really want a stranger at the breakfast table, because the most interesting discussions and exchanges sometime take place after the 'official' event is over.

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