Exhibit: Women Who Dared
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Rebecca Yenawine
Youth Advocate and Community Organizer

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I think [social change] is definitely my focus and I don't know that [the kids] always have a picture of how important what they're saying is. So once I point it out, then it's their vision too. But I don't think they always come with that picture of 'I have the information that people need to make change in the world.' I don't think they naturally feel empowered that way, otherwise they wouldn't be where they are.

Most young people who we work with, live and stay in their neighborhood and don't have much experience outside of the culture of their grandparents and their parents. The cycle of poverty keeps them isolated, so I don't think they often see their potential impact, but they say brilliant things all the time and they have brilliant ideas.... When you open the door just a little bit, they jump right through it.

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