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Hanna Weinberg
Domestic Abuse Awareness Educator for the Jewish Community

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What Else She Said

[My work in domestic abuse] was done so quietly. I think one of the first time when a rabbi from another city came to visit and he asked about a family that had apparently come to see me, I didn't know where they were from. He [then] spoke in one of the synagogues and spoke about domestic abuse and I think that's the first time they heard about it or knew that I was doing because it was really done very quiet....

Well! [Now] people are more cognizant of the situation and are more able to come and speak about it and see what they can do and volunteer if I need somebody to pick-up. For instance I had a woman that came at 12 o'clock at night, her nose it looked horrible -- it turned out to be broken because I took her to the hospital. I had a man who would help me sometimes with these cases. I asked him to come at six o'clock in the morning to take her home because her husband was working in another city and he would leave in the morning and she had children, she didn't want to leave them alone and he called me up afterwards, it's the first time he ever did that. And he said 'How is this possible? I'm sitting next to this man in the synagogue for 13 years. He's so sweet tempered. I mean if I hadn't seen it myself, I wouldn't have believed it.' Many, many times that people, until they were up against it, couldn't believe it....

I have to tell you that I use Rabbi Weinberg [my husband] to a great degree. In that if there was an orthodox man doing the battering I would say to him, 'You have two options, either that I go and swear out an ex parte, which means that the batterer cannot come within a certain distance or I would tell Rabbi Weinberg about what you're doing and that was a deterrent, I can tell you!... I would take them to court. Now the courts are much more aware of it, the police system is more aware of it. Before, until there was an actual death, they wouldn't come into a domestic abuse situation; they wouldn't do anything.

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