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Marla Oros
Community Health Care Activist

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What Else She Said

Community Impact is a new organization that my husband and I started two years ago and it's the first replication site of a program 'Community Impact DC' that has been going on in Washington for about 10 years... I became chairman of the board... We've started working in South West Baltimore, principally with a community group called Operation Reach Out, South West and ... we've given out scholarships to over 25 kids over the last two years to go onto college....

We've also been very interested in extending our work down to the Middle School level to a much younger age group and have been working in partnership with Baltimore City around how to do some level of school reform, particularly at Diggs Johnson Middle School. This year we became the recipient of the Turning the Corner Achievement Award, which is a very large $2.5 million grant that we received. [It is] funded by Eddy and Sylvia Brown and their foundation through The Associated Black Charities and the Baltimore Family Foundation to do after school programming focused on improving academic enrichment and leadership over 5 years [for] over 105 young people in West Baltimore.

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