Exhibit: Women Who Dared
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Marla Oros
Community Health Care Activist

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What Else She Said

Y.A.N.A., stands for 'You Are Never Alone' and it is a wonderful organization started by an amazing woman called Sid Ford who was a social worker who started Y.A.N.A. because of her desire to provide outreach and support to prostituting women in Baltimore City, recognizing from news experience she had seen that there was really no support out there for these woman and that there was a lot of need. YANA place was created on Pratt Street in West Baltimore and I became involved with it through work that I had been doing as a consultant, and immediately when I heard about the mission of YANA asked Sid how I could be involved and I have been a board member ever since.

I'm just really extremely committed to the work that they do...I have helped the organization in a number of ways, providing the usual board governance and direction and oversight policies procedures, planning, but in addition, was very helpful along with the Director and another board member to procure substantial funding from the Open Society Institute. In fact it was the largest grant the Open Society Institute had provided at one point, a very generous grant that we were very appreciative of, [and] that allowed Y.A.N.A. to really get its services to be more operational, so I was very involved in that. Actually worked on the design and implementation of the actual work that was funded through Y.A.N.A. So I continue to be very active.

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