Exhibit: Women Who Dared
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Shelley Morhaim
Filmmaker and Environmental Activist

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What Else She Said

The county uses [the Community Supported Agriculture project] as a demonstration farm. We have 4000 school children go through there every year. We have festivals there, we have things to mark the change of seasons, we have horses there that do part of the farm work.

We have chickens, we have heirloom chickens. Chicken breeds that are dying out because most chickens in the United States are just one breed or two breeds. These are heirloom chickens and we get eggs as well which is really great.

We have a thing called 'pastured poultry' which a lot of farms use. Actually, the Pennsylvania Dutch farmers use it a lot, too. Basically it's a mobile chicken coup, so that you move the chickens around the field; they eat the bugs, they leave their manure and then you move them to the next spot. It's actually a great symbiotic relationship and the kids of course love it - the 'cluck mobile'.

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