Exhibit: Women Who Dared
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Shannie Goldstein
Adjunct Professor of Hebrew Languages at Tulane; LCSW

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What Else She Said

We would bring information out for the Refuseniks, and bring information in about what was going on in the outside world. Then when the business was over, someone would say, "All right, enough business. Let's sing!" This kept their spirits, the strength in them, high. It gave them so much strength to get connected and to feel a part of the Jewish world, to know that we were working on helping them.

I'll never forget one thing. I can't believe I did it but I did it. The KGB were going through my music that I had copied—Hebrew songs. They wanted to know, what's this, and what's this. All I remember is that when they turned their backs, I threw it all back in the case and I pushed the guitar down and I closed the case. And I got it in! Cha-ching!"It doesn't take much to make a person happy. When I got to stick that stuff back into my case, I was so happy!

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