Exhibit: Women Who Dared
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Shelley Morhaim
Filmmaker and Environmental Activist

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What Else She Said

We were all volunteers with Beyond War and we started meeting around 1987... One of the things that Beyond War did...was called 'The Earth in Every Classroom', where we raised money to put the NASA photo of the earth from space - that famous picture - into every classroom in the public schools of Baltimore city and county, which was an enormous [project] because we had to get the schools to approve it and we had [to design] a the curriculum that went along with it and so on. Because we felt in the same way that we have pictures of George Washington, that this [picture of the earth] is a commonality.

It was very interesting, because the kids even at the High School level ... they really didn't take in what that was, that it was a self portrait. When you asked them how they felt about it, the little kids would say 'Oh! It's so beautiful!' and 'There's no lines in this picture' - because they were so used to looking at globes of the world! There's no boundaries from a distance.

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