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Florence Schornstein
Community Building through Volunteerism

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What Else She Said

My proudest achievement is the creation of the Parkway Partners Program in 1982. We have a lot more beauty in the city: we have seasonal flowers, we have saved thousand of trees on city property, and we plant new trees in marginal neighborhoods where trees make a difference both aesthetically and environmentally. We have 13,000 volunteers in this city who are participating in what has become a galaxy of programs. We started out with adopt-a-neutral ground program. Over 150 formerly vacant lots have become community gardens. We have elementary children in public school creating gardens on school grounds, and having that work coordinated with their math and science curriculum. Another program is a group of youngsters led by a very visionary older gentleman who are making peppers and bottling their own pepper sauce. It's called "God's Vineyard." Parkway Partners is the largest community garden program in America that is not supported by public funds. We raise our $450,000 a year budget every year, and I'm in charge of that.

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