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Peggy Charren
Children's Television Advocate

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What Else She Said

Violence was an issue before ACT, but almost nothing else was. Choice and over-commercialization were not there - we put those issues on the map... For all the noise, it's not wonderful now either. It's easier to allocate money for quality when some group that is listened to is saying how important you are for kids. I think that for the kinds of things we helped make happen that were good, there were a lot of people who felt warm and fuzzy toward us.

For the advocacy that was driving the industry crazy, there were people who were very much affected by what we were doing and hated every minute of it. So it was a two-way sword. And in Washington, there are still people around who are affected by what ACT talked about and depending on their political persuasions, they either like it or they don't.

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