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Rebecca Chernin
Domestic and Teen Dating Violence Activist

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What Else She Said

"I have to take those risks for others, because people didn't take them for me. They didn't know how. They didn't really know what risks to take. But now I know what my risk options would be; what paths I can help guide people down. Because I've come from it, I can see it from their point of view. I can understand when they're scared. So, I really think you just have to take those risks because hopefully those people, once they're out of the situation, will be able to look back and educate other people in turn. It will keep spreading; it will have a ripple effect. 'I came from there; I turned around, now I'm helping you because people didn't help me. "

"...I continued my outreach to the shuls. I sent out more letters and I made appointments to actually talk to the youth coordinators at the shuls. We got a few programs going, which was great. The first couple of times the kids were really quiet about it, very hush-hush. But I have not done a single training where I have not had kids come up to me and make disclosures about themselves, about people they know."

"During my whole five years [of being involved in an emotionally abusive and physically intimidating relationship], the kids at school and the friends I was with, didn't understand [what I was going through] because they hadn't had the education. They didn't know what to do or say or what it meant, or what was really involved in it. So they couldn't really help. So that's why I want these kids to be educated, so that when it happens to them or their friends, they can be more active. If people just knew the warning signs of domestic violence, they could help earlier. So the people around me didn't know what to do. Only the staff at REACH knew because they were informed about the issue."

"There was an article published in the Sharon Advocate about me when I was honored by the Boston Celtics. I got random people from Sharon I didn't even know calling me at home. I got many, many, many calls from people coming forward with their stories, just from that one article. I responded to them the way I would if it was a Hotline call: give them resources, counsel them, tell them what their options are, help them piece together that it is domestic violence, the cycle, about shelters, and restraining orders."

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