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Elana Brownstein
Student Leader and Teen Activist

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What Else She Said

This year we did a huge project [through the New Jewish Equation]. It was a tri-partnership between Baltimore, Israel and [a country in southwest Africa called] Namibia and in all of these places there's somewhat of an AIDS contingency, where the communities are struggling for help.

In Baltimore we collected storage rooms and storage rooms full of goods from everything from stuffed animals to shampoo bottles to car seats and books. And we donated it to mainly orphans in the Baltimore city community where these kids would otherwise would not have had these things that we gave them. We really did a lot of outreach to Hebrew schools and Jewish middle schoolers to get them involved in the project.

In Israel they are struggling for money because the government doesn't subsidizes AIDS education in the public schools so we raised money for the Task Force there. We raised money to go towards buying a vehicle to transport goods in Namibia to the millions of orphans there.

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