Exhibit: Women Who Dared
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Merle Feld
Organizer of Israeli-Palestinian Dialogue

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What Else She Said

The deepest meeting place was over experiences with children. And it was shocking to see how much in common the two sides had about that. That literally, their kids were having nightmares about each other...People talked a lot about their children, in every way...One Israeli mother, describing her son coming home for his first leave after basic training and the beginning duty and how he just sat up all night crying with them. And the Palestinian women sitting there and like, 'But he's a soldier.' The hatred was so intense of soldiers that they really couldn't hold in their heads at the same time that this person you're talking about is a soldier, he's your son, he's so upset about what he's doing that he was crying. How can all those things be true?...

And that really is at the heart of it, for both sides to see the human face... And similarly, on the Israeli side, to think, 'I really am sitting in a Palestinian town, in a Palestinian home, and no one has slit my throat. And these are people like me, there is someone to talk to, it's not that they are all terrorists.' Realizing these shared experiences and concerns regarding their children provided a starting place for increasing understanding among Israeli and Palestinian women.

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