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Laurie Schwab Zabin
Repoductive Health Activist and Researcher

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What Else She Said

I came from a service background into academia. Very often academics raise questions that are of great interest to them and spend a lot of time doing research on something they want to know the answer to, but [that] isn't of much use to the people out there in the trenches delivering the services. What I've tried to do is to bring together the world of medical and health services with the social science world, and bring all that together with the hands-on service world with the world of political reality [and] with the world of service provision, to try to find out what the questions are that are really troubling to the people out there trying to do the work.

I've tried over the years, no matter how deeply in academia I am, to accept at least one invitation a year that I know will put me in a few days contact with people at the service level, just to keep my vision on the real world, which I think is of great importance, and I've tried to produce research that actually helps those service providers in doing what it is they do.

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