Exhibit: Women Who Dared
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Rebecca Young
Prisoners' Rights Lawyer

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What Else She Said

Definitely the best part is the connections that I've made with my clients... All of the prisoners I meet with are in segregation, meaning they are very isolated from other prisoners. And prisoners can be in certain isolation units for ten years.

So when I meet with them, a lot of times, I imagine, it's been a very long time since someone's even shaken their hand. And when they meet with me, they're often handcuffed and shackled, so their hands aren't entirely free, but I always shake their hand when I meet them and shake their hand at the end.

And I think they certainly have expressed a lot of appreciation that I show up. And I like to think that the fact that someone treats them with respect and sits across from them and listens to their story does a certain kind of good, although obviously not nearly as much good as stopping the violence. So the connections with them are definitely the best part of the job.

And the other great part of it is that I have really wonderful colleagues, and I just feel incredibly lucky that I get to work with these people. It's a bunch of people who essentially share the values I have that are most important to me and who have devoted in many cases almost all or great portions of their professional lives and in some cases their personal lives to doing this kind of work, and that's terrific.

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