Exhibit: Women Who Dared
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Renee Brant
Child Abuse Expert

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What Else She Said

I enjoy most of all probably the day-to-day rewards of seeing people feel better, grow, cope better, in dealing with whatever is coming their way... being able to move through life with grace, which is very hard. I think that whenever I feel that I've provided any assistance and service to someone, in doing that, I feel very gratified.

And also I feel that I get so much in return. More often than not the gratification and the relationships that I make and the people that I work with - they bring a lot to the situation, too. So I feel that I'm very generously emotionally and in other ways rewarded by the children and the parents in the families that I work with. So I feel that we're really a team and grow together and work together so I find that really rewarding...

I feel like there is so much that's rewarding. I have intellectual stimulation, I have wonderful colleague relationships, I have skills that I think do help me in my life as well as help others, too. I've learned about the importance of receiving help as well as giving it.

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