Exhibit: Women Who Dared
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Margaret Lazarus
Social Activist Filmmaker

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What Else She Said

[The most rewarding thing is] seeing some of the direct change that has happened. For example, some of the films we made were really before their time. Pink Triangles is a perfect example. People were really not ready to hear about homophobia until much later and so other films about gay stuff got much more prominence.

But making the film on domestic violence was a combination of - We were on the other side of the attention curve. So we did it and then the OJ Simpson thing happened and a lot of other things, and I guess the Academy Award kind of helped. But we could see from reactions, having even a mainstream affect.

And immediately, we were part of a whole movement of activists, working for the release of these women, who every one but one got out of prison... It's been incredibly rewarding to be part of that and to see things change.

And the women's health movement is another example. It was just great to hear about people saying, 'I never knew there were other people out there, we've all got to get together,' or 'I never thought about rape in that way'... Things like that have been priceless.

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