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Hannah Jukovsky
Student Activist

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What Else She Said

[The most rewarding thing was that] it really exposed a lot of groups of people in the high school to each other. In a really kind of cheesy way, it was kind of a group bonding session. It's not as though all the sophomores boycotted [the MCAS], but I think that the ones that did were not necessarily ones that would have hung out together. But I think that it really gave people a better idea of where other students were at, in terms of how they thought of the school, how they thought of education, how they thought of bigger political issues that you generally don't talk about at school... It was a universal thing that everyone could talk about or have an opinion about...

I think it also helped students really see the connection between what was going on statewide and what was going on in our own school. And really how both of these things were about solving really big disparities between students and trying to balance out resources and what that meant and how those two things played against each other...

Just seeing that kind of dialogue and that kind of discussion in the school was a really incredible thing and just seeing other students really become aware of where their classmates were at about what they thought about the world was really interesting to see.

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