Exhibit: Women Who Dared
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Hadassah Blocker
Pioneer of Conservative Jewish women's full participation in synagogue life

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What Else She Said

The first year that Me'ah, an intensive adult program of Jewish studies, came to Temple Emanuel, "the instructor asked the class, 'What made you come to his course?' Around the room the students answered, 'I became a Bat Mitzvah with Hadassah Blocker.' They said to him, You should get to know her. She is responsible for so many of us being here! She told us we have to continue studying. We knew we weren't through.'"

Hadassah thinks the friendships she has forged have been most rewarding as well. "I walk into shul and I know a lot of people. It's nice." Another source of rewards is how well the women perform in the service. "The girls do a wonderful job. The girls used to have their Bat Mitzvah on Friday night. The father would say the blessings and the child would do the Haftarah. No way! It is Saturday morning now!" Hadassah finds it so rewarding "when they [girls and women] get up there and sing their parts, and do a good job. And people say to me, 'Oh, you've done it again, Hadassah!'"

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