Exhibit: Women Who Dared
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Rebecca Chernin
Domestic and Teen Dating Violence Activist

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What Else She Said

"Definitely the individual work I've done, especially in the courts. When I can say, 'I got ten restraining orders done today.' That's ten women hopefully who won't be abused for a year. At the end of the day I can go home and I can say that I've helped ten people today."

"Also my work where I met with these women every week for three months. I could see their progress. It was just so rewarding. Some of them would come in at their wits' end, not knowing what to do and by the end, just to see how much calmer they were, what a better understanding they had of domestic violence, and how they're helping their kids understand it. It's just so rewarding when you see people that really get it, and that you've really affected. For example, two women filed for divorce, got divorces, got restraining orders for themselves and protective orders for their kids. So that's a reward-when you see these families that you actually got through to, that actually understood the cycle of domestic abuse, and could actually help them make that change and that movement."

"The women in the shelter are the most desperate, so it is extremely rewarding to work with them. They've basically gone into hiding. They have the most volatile relationships. Working with their kids [is rewarding] too. You see two year-olds who jump when a door is slammed. Even infants will start crying and their eyes dart around if someone raises their voice. That's the hardest part to watch."

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