Exhibit: Women Who Dared
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Vicki Gabriner
Civil Rights Activist

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What Else She Said

[The most rewarding aspects were] moving into this whole other culture, really, and making contact. There's one person from Fayette County [Tennessee] with whom I'm still friends... When we went down there, one of the families with which we were very active lived in Somerville, which was the county seat. And their daughter, Sadie, was very active as a high school student... She and I have remained friends and she still lives in Fayette County. Somehow, that was one of the most incredible things. The kind of work that we did together that summer enabled us to meet each other. We never would have met under any other circumstances. And that we were able to meet as equals. Now she runs a nail salon -- but I didn't meet her as someone who does my nails or whatever. I met her as an equal and know her as an equal and we have maintained this history. And of course we have this very strong bond together because we both put our lives on the line together. So that has been an extraordinary gift.

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