Exhibit: Women Who Dared
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Denise Schorr
Member of Jewish French Resistance

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What Else She Said

The most rewarding part was when you felt like you gave some comfort to those kids. You know, that you made them feel that they were worth it, that life is not over, that they will get to see their family again. I tried to give them a sense of belonging, not to be just a number. That was very important to us...

One of the little boys, who is now a grandfather, lives in Jerusalem. He is a scribe. So he was one of our kids...He has such fond memories of us. He was five years old. And the little girl from Holland...The bond that there is between the three of us... It's just incredible. Unbelievable...I was so elated when I found her. Can you imagine, after all those years? And they're both so attached to me. They call me and they send me mail...

When I see the youngsters, who are now parents and grandparents themselves, when I see the affection that they have toward me and how they are eager to keep in touch, I feel that I must have done something, because it's over many years. And it is just incredible. It really moves me.

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