Exhibit: Women Who Dared
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Susan Maze-Rothstein
Diversity Activist and Lawyer

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What Else She Said

[Both at Driscoll Elementary School and in any teaching at Northeastern University School of Law the most rewarding thing is] watching the learning happening. You can actually see learning happening in somebody's eyes, as it occurs, the second that it's happening, the eyes change. There's something in the eyes that changes. And that is amazingly satisfying to me.

I'm also proud of the body of law that I've made as an appellate judge for the Workers' Compensation Act. I know that employees are better treated because I've been there at the table deciding how this law is to be interpreted.

Through my work at Driscoll and in my teaching at Northeastern Law School, I know that my child will have a better opportunity to have a more inclusive life than I have and I know that every year I am affecting the lives of 200 students who might view their practice somewhat differently when they go into our society. And to me that makes everything worth it.

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