Exhibit: Women Who Dared
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Betsy Shure Gross
Environmentalist and Community Preservationist

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[The most rewarding thing is] seeing all these degraded, ignored, really truly degradated public spaces restored and populated again. It is the most extraordinary thing to be downtown and to see the Boston Park Rangers, which I helped to create in the early 80s. And you look at them with their uniforms, and you look at them talking to all different kinds of people, and you look at them in their cars, and you look at them on their horses, and you think 'Oh my G-d!' You know, when they were doing this in the late 1970s and early 80s in Central Park, people said, 'Well, you know, Central Park, it's 59th street and Fifth Avenue. Who's got an address like that?'

The fact that we've been able to replicate that urban open space survival in major cities around the country - in Chicago and in Atlanta and in Louisville and in Newark and Boston - is just extraordinary. Twenty years isn't a very long time for a movement to be successful. And it's alive and well in all these places. You may not hear much about it, but if you go to these major cities, where the word was in the 60s and even the 70s, 'It's not safe to go there,' it is safe to go there. And people who have choices go there, but people who don't have choices go there. And that seems to me to be a valuable way to spend your life.

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