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Marla Oros
Community Health Care Activist

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Well I have a wonderful husband who, despite the fact that he is a very busy and successful corporate CEO, is equally attentive to our family as our number one priority. And so I think we really do share in the responsibilities and negotiate how to make it work, so that we aren't compromising our family while doing this work, so I think that's the main thing. I've been blessed with wonderful childcare over the years! And I have my parents, who live here, and now my in-laws who live here, so that's helpful.

But I do try to do as much work as I can during the non-working hours, you know, when I can at home and at a time that doesn't compromise family life and that does mean being up in the middle of the night which I am quite frequently, and people who know me get e-mails from me at 4 a.m. in the morning! But I really I think it's having the support of a wonderful husband, sitter, family and figuring out how not to compromise the time you have, the important time you need to spend with your family and spend it on that time.

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