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Lynn Amowitz
Physician for Human Rights

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What Else She Said

Ari actually figured [my work] out on his own. When the Kosovar refugee crisis happened, he was watching TV with us and they had pictures of the refugees coming down that famous road, and all the kids were without shoes and the refugees were crying and Ari said, 'You know, Mommy, those are sad people. Why are they sad?' At that time I guess he was just three or going to be three. So I told him that there were people who were chasing them. And he said, 'Oh, bad people.'

For lack of a better word, fine, in a two-year-old's mind, they are - they may not be bad people but they're doing bad things, but at that point you just accept it. So he decided that the bad people were chasing the sad people and he knew that I do some of this work - how he remembered that, I don't know because the first time I left he was seven months old and then there were other things I had done in the past. So he turned to me... and he said, 'You know, Mommy, you have to go, you have to help these sad people.'

So Ari tells everybody that what Mommy does is she helps the sad people and that she tries to make them happy. And he contributes in his own way. He knows when I'm going on a trip because I start collecting medications that I'm going to bring and I start packing, certain things come out that he hasn't seen in a while and then he starts adding to the pile. So he goes to his toy box and he pulls out his little McDonalds toys. Because he knows I can't take anything big, so he always gives me the small toys and he puts them in a big pile and he says, 'Here, Mommy, give these to the sad people.'

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