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Sue Wolf-Fordham
Activist on Behalf of Children with Special Needs

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What Else She Said

Many is the time that I've been on an important conference call while holding, feeding, and maybe even changing some small child all at the same time — and maybe using the computer too. I think that's a skill that mothers have whether they identify themselves as feminists or whether they don't.

From a personal point of view, when things are very challenging relating to my daughter, in particular, or when I've had a challenging day with both kids, the work is the fun part and the social activism is the fun part and it has so much meaning for me personally that I like to think I can share some of that meaning with my kids and that I can bring some of that meaning back to myself as a mother and can somehow input that into my mothering style. But it would be wrong for whoever might be listening to this in future years to think for a minute that it's very easy to combine all of these things with motherhood.

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