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Marillyn Tallman
Settling Jews from DP camps post WW-II; protecting Jewish

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What Else She Said

There was a luncheon for me when I was seventy and my son spoke and Philip said, "Mom gave us a feeling we could do anything, be anything we wanted. " So it's just mom. "What do I have for lunch today mom?" "What are you packing for lunch?" I think they are a little proud of me, but in the end, "Are you there for them?" I think children want to see their parents well, the same, always there for them and their children, fun, funny, good advice, not giving it when it's not asked for... and just be there. I don't think you'll get the Nobel Prize. I think the impact was as Mom.

Their father has had a tremendous impact on them. He is their model... how he treats me, how he treats them, his calmness, his fairness in business, his emphasizing ethics. Not talking, not using the word, but seeing him. How he handles the building of a building and the sale of a building, caring for the manager, all of the details. They love him very much and he is really a model for them. They're boys, but I see how they treat their wives. I see how they treat their wives.

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